R.L. Blair
Sculptor, Wood Sculpture

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About R.L. Blair

I am a self taught sculptor, and for the past 35 years wood carving has been my livelihood. Growing up on a farm in Washington, with no Play stations, Nintendo's, X-boxes, video games or cable tv to entertain me, at around the age of 12, I began whittling with a knife.  I carved all the stuff kids want, slingshots, toy guns, and bows and arrows.  Soon I moved on to carving various subjects, before I graduated high school I carved my schools mascot, a totem pole.

I like to carve because I can create a tangible object, it is something I made with my hands, and will hopefully enhance your surroundings and have some affect on the viewer.

Although I have created art in most every form, such as paintings, steel, glass and stone, wood continues to be my preference.  Nothing surpasses the warm patina and character in each piece of wood, creating its own unique visual appeal.  It was once a living thing and is becoming a rare material, and in this way it can be preserved.

I studied wildlife for years and still do, besides being an avid nature lover, it's important to me to carve anatomically correct wildlife and sea life.  I don't have a favorite subject, I enjoy diversity and having a wide range of subject matter in a variety of art styles.  But if I had to choose, it would be the whimsical "goofy off-the-wall stuff."

I only use salvaged and recycled logs, mostly from fallen coast redwood trees that were cut over 100 years ago and left on the ground, still lying in the forests.  Trees like this are no longer harvested, but many were cut in the 19th century. Today, redwood harvesting is closely managed to insure the future of the forests and their environment.

R.L. Blair carving
R.L. Blair at work
R.L. Blair carving Indian Chief R.L. Blair with 16 ft tall Bear
Left - R.L. Blair carving a schools mascot, an Indian Chief. 
Right - a younger R.L. in front, posing with a 16 foot tall wooden Bear he carved.
R.L. Blair Country Playhouse
Designed by R.L. Blair, the Country Playhouse

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