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Hunting Bear Carving

Carved Wooden Bear Hunting, profile Carved Wooden Bear Hunting

Smarter Than The Average Bear

These life size carved wooden bears will make themselves at home as outdoor sculpture, garden art or interior decoration.  Many customers have placed these bears at their hunting cabin in the woods, or in front of their fishing tackle and hunting gear store to greet their customers.

These bears are all ready to go hunting, carrying their rifles and wearing red floppy hunting hats and blue overalls!  They have a very relaxed profile, R.L. has given them a ho hum attitude of dum de doodle doo...  One bear has overalls with one strap, the other has two.  Carved buttons, back pockets and stitching on the pockets and overalls.  The entire rifle is hand carved and has a carved cork end.  To add the the whimsical style of this sculpture R.L. has carved a daisy flower in the stock of the rifle.

Dimensions - approx. 4 1/2 - 5 feet tall.  For viewing pleasure only, not available for order at this time.

Bears hunt usually in the dusk or dawn except when people are nearby.  For the most part, bears are shy and are easily frightened of people.  They will, however defend their cubs ferociously.

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