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Eagle Sculpture - Figurehead

Eagle Sculpture

Wooden Eagle and Fish Sculpture, Figurehead

A highly detailed life size Bald Eagle or American Eagle Figurehead carved wood sculpture. 

3 feet 9 inches tall
4 feet long
2 feet 8 inches wide

Carved Redwood

Bald Eagle Sculpture
Bald Eagle Profile

The Eagle is holding a fish it has just caught, with the waves of the ocean beneath it.  Fine art in wildlife sculpture for interior decoration, or your sailing ship

The entire wood carving is left natural except the areas I have given it an antique wash of off white on the eagles feathers, and the oceans waves, and a soft yellow and brown on the eagles beak.

Eagle Figurehead

This eagle has a good hold of the fish it has caught with its talons. Carved in very fine detail the scales on the fish, the eagles feathers and its sharp claws.

Below the fish I have carved the waves of the ocean.
Base The base showing detail of the rope, carved all the way around and tying in the front. 

A figurehead is an ornamental wood sculpture; a carved and painted wooden figure or wood statue found on the prow of sailing ships of the 16th to the 19th century.  Popular figureheads were often female or famous individuals, patriotic themes, and mythological characters.  The purpose of the figurehead was to indicate the name of the ship since many people during that time period could not read, to point the way, and to demonstrate the wealth of the ships owner.

Perched Eagle Wood Carving
perched eagle woodcarving

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