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Carved Wooden Mermaid


Mermaid Figurehead side view


Fantasy art in a life size Ship's Figurehead of a Mermaid wood sculpture; for sailing ships or home decoration.  It is hand painted and detailed with an antique crackle finish to give her a old worn distressed look.

This is a mermaid I carved for Disneyland® Paris for a pirate theme, so the Mermaids breasts needed to be covered.

3 dimensional wood carving

4 1/2 feet tall

Carved Redwood


Mermaid Figurehead Mermaid Figurehead Sculpture
She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes,
and is holding a white dove to her chest. 
There is a carved seashell painted pink holding her hair by her ear, and a green scaled lower body.  The base is dark brown, with carved and painted gold leaves.

A figurehead is an ornamental woodsculpture; a carved and painted wooden figure or wood statue found on the prow of sailing ships of the 16th to the 19th century.  Popular figureheads were often female or famous individuals, patriotic themes, and mythological characters such as a mermaid.  The purpose of the figurehead woodcarving was to indicate the name of the ship since many people during that time period could not read, to point the way and to demonstrate the wealth of the ships owner. 

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