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Contemporary Art Sculpture Wall Decor

Figurative and Animal Sculptures

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Art Deco Sculpture

Wall Sculpture - Revelations
Spirit relief wall art deco sculpture of an eagle that empowers the Indian with the strength of the bear.

Spirit Sculpture Dreamer

Wall Sculpture - Dreamer
Spirit sculpture of an Indian woman dreaming of an Eagle. Contemporary wall sculpture.

Carved Bear Wall Art

Bullet Bear Carving
This carved bear is in a big fat hurry!  May be hung on a wall, or they are also carved on a base to sit on a fireplace mantle.  Contemporary wall sculpture.

Angel Fish Woodcarving

Fish Sculpture
Relief stylized Angel Fish wall woodcarving.

Carved Wooden Mermaid

Swimming Mermaid - Wood Wall Decor
Dramatic sleek and curvy wooden mermaid. Contemporary wall sculpture.

Turtle Wall Sculpture

Sea Turtle - Relief Wall Sculpture
Relief stylized wall carving of a friendly wooden sea turtle.

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