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Inventory is constantly changing, please contact us for availability, or for a request.
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Brer Bear

Sculptures carved by R.L. Blair are located throughout Disneyland®, Walt Disney World®, Tokyo Disney®, Disneyland® Paris, California Disney® Adventure, and Hong Kong Disneyland®.

Carved Wooden Bear

Bear Wood Carving
Wooden Grizzly Bears, Sitting, Fishing and Hunting Bears, Momma Bear and Cubs, and Sign Bears.

Fish Sculpture

Sealife - Fish, Dolphin, Mermaids, Turtle Sculpture
Highly detailed ocean sea animal woodcarving, a graceful swimming Dolphin, Fish sculpture, Mermaids and wall art of a Sea Turtle .

Eagle Sculpture

Eagle Sculpture
Gallery quality wood art of the Bald Eagle that is just stunning.  Atomically correct Eagles, a figurehead and perched eagle.

Figure, Animal Sculpture

Spirit Carving
Gallery quality wood sculptures, and wall sculpture, three-dimensional carving of a Grizzly, a Wolf, or Wolves, Eagle sculpture, and other wildlife, with an Indian. Each subject flows into the next with beautiful line and form.

Art Deco Sculpture

Wall Sculpture
Stunning wall sculpture, figurative and animal sculptures, Relief carving of Indians, Eagles, Mermaids, Fish sculpture, and a Sea Turtle.

Wooden Cowboy Figure Carving

Life Size Wooden Figure Sculpture
A Santa Fe style wooden Indian, Sea Captain, and a Western Cowboy.  Also a variety of life size statues.

Whimsical Sculpture

Whimsical Garden Sculpture
Goofy, off-the-wall stuff, unique and unusual wood carving.  For home decor, garden sculpture or planters.

R.L. Blair

About R.L. Blair
Nothing surpasses the warm patina and character in each piece of wood, creating its own unique visual appeal. It was once a living thing and is becoming a rare material, and in this way it can be preserved.

A Carving in Process

Sculptor's Studio - See Carving In Progress
I use many carving tools to give me the desired affect I want, from chainsaws and power tools, carving knives or a mallet and chisel.

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